Hurtigruten will offer continuous broadband coverage

Today Hurtigruten signs a contract with ice.net for mobile broadband solutions and the supply of data communications for their fleet of ships. This is according to a press release from ice.net (Norwegian text).

(Picture borrowed from Hurtigruten.)

With this cooperation the online coverage provided by Hurtigruten along the Norwegian coast will be enhanced to nearly 100 percent. Good news for Hurtigruten's passengers! If you were to travel with Hurtigruten, how important is Internet access to you?

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Hurtigruten - Autumn Gold

Summer season has always been the main season for Hurtigruten, but the other seasons of Norway has so much to offer for the guests of Hurtigruten. This is why Hurtigruten has launched different concepts for promoting this. In 2009 Hurtigruten launched their winter concept "Hunting the light", in which the Northern lights are the key theme. This year, the "Artic Awakening" was launched as the spring initiative.

Summer is comming to an end in Norway, and autumn is knocking on the door. The green colors of summer, will slowly be replaced by the colors of autumn; red, yellow and orange.

Hurtigruten is about to test a new concept this year called Autumn Gold, the name describing the palette of colours in this season. The emphasis will be on the special colours of Norway's spectacular coastline, food and culinary, activities and excursions. Hurtigruten provides a wide range of experiences. If you just want to relax, there's no better option than to enjoy the comortable ships of Hurtigruten. The new autumn concept will officially be launched in 2013. 

2012/10/18: According to the Hurtigruten official blog the Autumn Gold concept has now been tested with great success, with great feedback from guests, crew, journalists and agents. The MS Finnmarken has been the pilot ship for this concept. 

Some details from the Autumn Gold test voyages: Sami culinary experiences like Bidos (traditional soup) and reindeer heart are mentioned, tasting of cloudberry, listening to Sami joik and watching the Finnkirka (Sami church) as the ship sails by. Sounds exciting, doesn't it?

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