Hurtigruten minute by minute - the DVD

As I covered in this earlier post, last summer Hurtigruten and Norwegian broadcasting (NRK) had half of Norway glued to their television sets enjoying MS Nordnorge's voyage from Bergen to Kirkenes. A lot of people outside Norway also joined in via the Internet, and were able to participate in the celebration of Hurtigruten by coastal communities all along the Norwegian coast. What a memorable five days!

(Picture borrowed from NRK.)
For those who missed out on the broadcast, or just want to preserve the voyage for future enjoyment, a DVD has been released by NRK. Of course, it doesn't contain the whole five days voyage, instead the most beautiful parts have been selected, resulting in twelve hours of Hurtigruten. You can purchase the four DVD's at Hurtigruten's webshop

"The five and a half day journey from Bergen to Kirkenes captures spectacular fjords, midnight sun and genuine unspoiled Norwegian nature." Enjoy!


NRK to make program about retiring MS Nordstjernen

The oldest ship in Hurtigruten's fleet is the MS Nordstjernen. Most Hurtigruten fans will know that the old lady is set to sail her last voyage from Bergen to Kirkenes and back, in March 2012. Hurtigruten got world wide attention last summer when NRK (Norwegian state television) broadcasted five days live television from MS Nordnorge's beautiful voyage along the Norwegian coastline.

Now, to mark the last voyage of MS Nordstjernen, NRK is going to make a televison program about this veteran ship. A documentary with old footage and newer stuff to. Maybe we will get more information about MS Nordstjernen's travelling ghost

You might think that its strange that a televison company would use so much money and resources on Hurtigruten? After all, Hurtigruten has gotten fantastic booking respons from the attention. Well, the case is that last years five days Hurtigruten program, brought NRKs viewer statistics through the roof! So, this "partnership" is a win-win situation.

If you want to book a voyage on the last trip with MS Nordstjernen, you have to hurry. Hurtigruten is reporting that a lot of the ships relatively few cabins already have been booked, and that just a few are still available. Actually, a lot of the cabins have been booked by "Hurtigruten frequent travellers" who want to take part in MS Nordstjernen's last voyage. It sure will be sad to say farewell to this ship. Amazingly, she's been sailing since the mid 1950ties!

(Picture borrowed from Hurtigruten.)

A last word of consolation for you, if you love this veteran ship: before retiring completely from Hurtigruten she will sail a last season on Spitsbergen!

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