What does the signals mean?

If you have traveled with one of the Hurtigruten ships, you would have heard the loud signals that the captain (or someone else on the ships bridge) gives with the ships horn from time to time. You might think that these signals are quite random, but they are part of a signal system.

Several times during a cruise with Hurtigruten, the ship you're sailing with will meet another Hurtigruten ship, going in the opposite direction. The ships signal to each other, and the north bound is supposed to sound the horn first. (If they meet at night, they signal to each other with lights so that passengers can sleep undisturbed).

When a Hurtigruten ship approaches a port, it signals with a few blasts of the horn. If the ship is northbound, the signal is one long, one short and one long honk (it's the letter K in the morse code). If the ship approaching a port is southbound, the signal is two long, one short and one long (morse code for Q.)

Finally, the signal you shouldn't miss: Five minutes before the Hurtigruten ship is living a port, the ship gives a short signal. This means that you have to hurry back to the ship if you're not already back onboard!

In the video below you can see and hear MS Finnmarken meeting MS Richard With:

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