Nordic Prime Ministers on board Hurtigruten 10.-11. June

Each year the Prime Ministers of Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland meet to discuss international affairs. According to a press release from the Norwegian Government this year's Nordic Prime Ministers meeting (10.-11. June 2012) will begin in beautiful Å in Lofoten, and the Prime Ministers will from there travel with Hurtigruten to Tromsø. 

I'm quite sure that the Prime Ministers will be really busy while on Hurtigruten, but no doubt, our Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg will be proud to show off the scenery along the coast of northern Norway. They will travel on Hurtigruten's MS Finnmarken.

As I have mentioned in an earlier post, Hurtigruten have very good conference and meeting facilities on board their ships. It's the perfect place for a Nordic Prime Ministers meeting!

(Photo: Hurtigruten.)


The number one Hurtigruten excursion - the North Cape

Every year tens of thousands of tourists from all over the world visit the North Cape, best known as the northernmost point of the European continent. This is as far North as 71 degrees. The North Cape excursions are the most popular excursions that Hurtigruten offers. In total you can choose from over 40 different excursions.

(Photo borrowed from Hurtigruten.)

On the Northbound voyage the excursion to the North Cape starts in the small town of Honningsvåg. A short bus trip through sub-Arctic landscape takes you there, and it's not unusual to see herds of reindeer. When you get there, be sure to have your photo taken by the big globe, and post postcards to your family and friends. In the North Cape Hall you can eat a good meal, view a fantastic panoramic film about this northernmost part of Norway, and of course buy souvenirs. The bus will take you back to Honningsvåg where the ship is waiting.

When the Hurtigruten ship has turned around at Kirkenes and is heading southbound, you can also visit the North Cape. The ship arives early at Honningsvåg and the guests are treated with a good breakfast at the North Cape Hall. In the meantime the Hurtigruten ship has left Honningsvåg and you will travel by bus through amazing landscape to Hammerfest, the worlds most northernmost town, where you catch up with the ship again. The bus ride includes a short stop to visit a Sami family.

Don't miss out on visiting the North Cape! Want to read more about Hurtigruten's excursions? Check out the Sea Eagle Safari.


May 17 - National Day of Norway with Hurtigruten

Way back in 1814 the Norwegian Constituent Assembly at Eidsvoll signed and dated the Constitution of Norway. This happened on May 17, and this date has ever since been celebrated as the National Day of Norway. Unlike many other countries which celebrates their independence with military parades, the Norwegian celebration is centered around the children. In all Norwegian towns and communities you can see parades of adults and children in their "bunad" waving the Norwegian flag, singing and cheering. 

(Photo borrowed from Hurtigruten.)

The children are marching together with their school class, and marching bands are also a part of the parades. In Oslo the thousands of children parade by the Royal Palace, where the King's familiy greets the parades from the balcony. In other cities and smaller towns the parades for example stops by retirement homes, and sings and greets the elderly. In Norway this day is a day of celebration and gratitude.

Hurtigruten welcomes guests on board (as always) when the ships are in port. On this special day Hurtigruten has arrangements in several ports, and this will surely be a special day also for Hurtigruten's non Norwegian passengers. Maybe Hurtigruten's ships will get the same reception as when the voyage was broadcasted last summer?

Hipp, hipp, Hurra!


Hurtigruten reviews

Numbers released in quarterly reports by Hurtigruten are showing that an increasing number of people want to experience Hurtigruten's voyages along the Norwegian coast, the Arctic and Antarctica. If you are considering going on a cruise with Hurtigruten, you are probably trying to find out as much as possible about Hurtigruten and what you can experience.

(Picture borrowed from Hurtigruten.)

As you might know already, a cruise with Hurtigruten along the Norwegian coast will differ in many ways from other cruises. Hurtigruten's ships are "working ships", providing transportation between the many smaller coastal communities and towns. The ships are never far from the coastline, giving passengers front row seats to the Norwegian nature in all its splendor. 

The ships are often calling by several ports a day, taking on passengers for shorter or longer trips. Loading and offloading cargo and mail is also part of each stop. This activity provides a great opportunity to get an insight in everyday life in coastal Norway. On the other hand, this could be disappointing if you were expecting a more traditional cruise. 

Below I have provided a few links to pages that have reviews of Hurtigrutens cruises. You can read about great food on board, fantastic scenery (bring your camera!) and exciting excursions. Doing research before hand is always wise, and trip reports or reviews from people who have experienced Hurtigruten can be found at Cruisecritic.com and Cruise.co.uk. Of course, Tripadvisor also has reviews on Hurtigruten.

Hurtigruten also offers exciting cruises to the Arctic areas and the Antarctica.

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