The number one Hurtigruten excursion - the North Cape

Every year tens of thousands of tourists from all over the world visit the North Cape, best known as the northernmost point of the European continent. This is as far North as 71 degrees. The North Cape excursions are the most popular excursions that Hurtigruten offers. In total you can choose from over 40 different excursions.

(Photo borrowed from Hurtigruten.)

On the Northbound voyage the excursion to the North Cape starts in the small town of Honningsvåg. A short bus trip through sub-Arctic landscape takes you there, and it's not unusual to see herds of reindeer. When you get there, be sure to have your photo taken by the big globe, and post postcards to your family and friends. In the North Cape Hall you can eat a good meal, view a fantastic panoramic film about this northernmost part of Norway, and of course buy souvenirs. The bus will take you back to Honningsvåg where the ship is waiting.

When the Hurtigruten ship has turned around at Kirkenes and is heading southbound, you can also visit the North Cape. The ship arives early at Honningsvåg and the guests are treated with a good breakfast at the North Cape Hall. In the meantime the Hurtigruten ship has left Honningsvåg and you will travel by bus through amazing landscape to Hammerfest, the worlds most northernmost town, where you catch up with the ship again. The bus ride includes a short stop to visit a Sami family.

Don't miss out on visiting the North Cape! Want to read more about Hurtigruten's excursions? Check out the Sea Eagle Safari.

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