Hurtigruten 365 - life aboard the MS Midnatsol

In 2006 NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting Company) made av TV series about Hurtigruten. It was called "Hurtigruten 365" and consists of 20 episodes, where you can follow the crew aboard the MS Midnatsol. Ever wondered what life is like working on one of Hurtigruten's ships? Now you can find out.

All of these episodes can be viewed on NRK's website, but I'm not sure if access is limited to Norwegian viewers only, or if the episodes are available for everybody (please leave a comment if you're not from Norway and can/can't see the episodes). The language is Norwegian of course. Anyway, follow this link to Hurtigruten 365 and check it out! (Click on "Se episodene her".)

(Picture borrowed from Hurtigruten.)

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  1. Hei,

    It works in here in the UK. :)

  2. Thanks for your comment! I was hoping it wasn't limited to Norwegians only.

  3. Can see it here in Spain also!

  4. Great! :) NRK is going to make more television about Hurtigruten. There's going to be made a program about the retiring veteran ship MS Nordstjernen. Check out my latest post (23.01.2012).

  5. I made a cruise on this splendid ship last December and enjoyed it every minute. I have also seen the series on NRK in my own country, The Netherlands, on my computer. Alas, all too often it is not Hurtigruten 365 which I am watching, but Buffering 365, meaning interruption after interruption, thus instead of enjoying this series, it is driving me crazy. That is not the way to watch this ship which gave me so much joy. I wish that NRK puts the series on DVD so that I buy it.

  6. Hi! Glad to hear you enjoyed your cruise on the MS Midnatsol :) I agree, NRK should definetly release the Hurtigruten 365 series on DVD!


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