Hurtigruten's most popular shorter trips

As you might know, Hurtigruten offer cruises along the Norwegian coast. A lot of passengers take the full tour, twelve days from Bergen to Kirkenes, and back to Bergen. Many boards the ships at Bergen and travel home by plane, from Kirkenes. Or the other way around.

But a lot of people travel shorter distances with Hurtigruten. These are Hurtigrutens most popular shorter trips:

1. Bergen-Trondheim
2. Tromsø-Svolvær
3. Bergen-Ålesund
4. Tromsø-Trondheim
5. Bergen-Tromsø
6. Ålesund-Bergen
7. Svolvær-Tromsø
8. Bodø-Tromsø
9. Trondheim-Tromsø

I've also written a post about which shorter trip considered to be the most beautiful.

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