NRK paying for massive advertising campaign for Hurtigruten

The headline of this post may be a bit exaggerated, but on the 15th of January 2011 NRK (the Norwegian Broadcasting Company) announced that it will make a five-day continuous live broadcast from one of the Hurtigruten's ships sailing along the Norwegian coast. The national TV-channel NRK2 has cleared space on its television schedule, and for five days (8040 minutes) the viewers all over the world (it will be broadcasted on the Internet as well) will get a unique insight into what Hurtigruten can offer, cruising along the 2500 nautical miles of spectacular Norwegian nature.

NRK has earlier made a similar broadcast with NSB's (Norways biggest train company) route between Oslo and Bergen. This broadcast was supprisingly a big success. There is no doubt that this will show Hurtigruten's product in a unique way for potensial guests from all over the world.

The value of such a live broadcast on a national TV-channel, one can only speculate about.
But it is no doubt that the broadcast and media discussion around this will be worth millions in advertising money for Hurtigruten. Also, the ripple effects of this project is important for the tourism industry in Norway, and perhaps especially for the tourism businesses that are highly dependent on Hurtigruten and its passengers.

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