Excursions with Hurtigruten - highlights

If you book a cruise with Hurtigruten, the beauty of the Norwegian coastline, the wildlife and the midnight sun/northern lights (depending on the time of year) can be enjoyed from the ship. A lot of passengers are content with that. But, with Hurtigruten you also choose to participate on a lot of different excursions. Here are some of what you can experience while cruising with Hurtigruten:

Geiranger Panorama
Nidaros cathedral and Ringve museum
Glacier adventure on Svartisen
Lofotr viking feast
Dog sledging
Snowmobile trip in Lappland
Sami camp experience
The North Cape
Sea eagle safari

These are just a few examples! There's lots more to experience.

If you find this tempting, you should check out Hurtigruten's new brochures, you can read them online, or order them.

(Picture borrowed from Hurtigruten.)

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