Hurtigruten excursions - Sea Eagle safari

The Sea Eagle, or White-tailed Eagle is the biggest bird of prey in Northern Europe. It can be seen on most parts of the Norwegian coast, but it's in Northern Norway that you're most likely to see it. The biggest population of Sea Eagle is actually found near Bodø. By 1968 the Sea Eagle was almost extinct in Norway, but after being protected by the Government, the population has grown.

Hurtigruten offers lots of different excursions. The Sea Eagle can often be seen from the Hurtigruten ships themselves, but many guests choose to participate in a Sea Eagle Safari, arranged by one of the many small tourism businesses which are found along the Norwegian coast. Actually many of these small businesses rely heavily on the Hurtigruten to bring customers their way. To watch the Sea Eagle swoop down to the sea surface, and pick up a fish with it's claws is a great experience! Truly a majestic bird.

(Picture borrowed from Hurtigruten.)

Want to read more about Hurtigruten's excursions? The Sea Eagle Safari is one of the excursions I mentioned in my earlier post Excursions with Hurtigruten - highligts.

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