Hurtigruten to offer quality wireless connectivity for passengers

Hurtigruten offers internet access on board all their ships, except the two oldest ships MS Lofoten and MS Nordstjernen (the latter is leaving the Hurtigruten fleet this year). At least two PCs in an internet cafe, and at least one wireless zone is available on each ship. Wireless access vary from ship to ship, and guarantied access is limited to the ships conference areas. The biggest suites on the ships also have internet access. There's also a generally good coverage for mobile phones.

Hurtigruten is working to improve availability on their ships: According to Stockhouse.com, Hurtigruten "has deployed a new mobile network based on the Aruba Mobile Virtual Enterprise (MOVE) architecture in order to deliver Wi-Fi and guest access services to employees and passengers". This will be a great addition to Hurtigruten's already high standards and service to their passengers. It will also be highly appreciated by firms and businesses who travel with Hurtigruten, and who make use of the conference facilities aboard the Hurtigruten ships.

Communications manager Ragnar Norum says: “At Hurtigruten we are always looking to enhance the customer experience, and quality wireless connectivity for our passengers and conference users is a clear winner with everyone.”

Hurtigruten is not the first cruise line to offer wireless, but high speed internet access will surely be welcomed by Hurtigruten's passengers. Great news!

(Picture borrowed from Hurtigruten.)

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