MS Nordlys is back!

The MS Nordlys is back on the Norwegian coast! As many will remember, half a year ago Hurtigruten was struck by an accident with this ship. An engine room fire caused a lot of damage, and large areas of the ship was filled with smoke. There was also some flooding in the lower parts of the ship. 

MS Nordlys has been repaired at Fiskerstrand ship yard, and a 100.000 man hours have been put in to getting this beautiful ship refurbished. There's also been made a lot of upgrades so now she's as good as new, maybe even better. Her return was slightly delayed due to extensive testing of new equipment, but today on the 28th of March she left Tromsø bound for Bergen. Good to have her back!

(Picture borrowed from Hurtigruten.)

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  1. Hi there!
    Thanks for visiting Soletraveller :-)

    Hurtigruten is amazing. I have not been on a cruise myself, but I have been to some of its destinations - Norway have some amazing places :-)

    I am going to Ålesund in not too long to see friends and family. Can't wait to see that beautiful place again!!

  2. Haven't been to Ålesund, but it's definitely on my list :)


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