May 17 - National Day of Norway with Hurtigruten

Way back in 1814 the Norwegian Constituent Assembly at Eidsvoll signed and dated the Constitution of Norway. This happened on May 17, and this date has ever since been celebrated as the National Day of Norway. Unlike many other countries which celebrates their independence with military parades, the Norwegian celebration is centered around the children. In all Norwegian towns and communities you can see parades of adults and children in their "bunad" waving the Norwegian flag, singing and cheering. 

(Photo borrowed from Hurtigruten.)

The children are marching together with their school class, and marching bands are also a part of the parades. In Oslo the thousands of children parade by the Royal Palace, where the King's familiy greets the parades from the balcony. In other cities and smaller towns the parades for example stops by retirement homes, and sings and greets the elderly. In Norway this day is a day of celebration and gratitude.

Hurtigruten welcomes guests on board (as always) when the ships are in port. On this special day Hurtigruten has arrangements in several ports, and this will surely be a special day also for Hurtigruten's non Norwegian passengers. Maybe Hurtigruten's ships will get the same reception as when the voyage was broadcasted last summer?

Hipp, hipp, Hurra!

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