1893 Ambassador Programme

A lot of Hurtigruten's guests are people that have travelled with Hurtigruten before, and who comes back for more. As an example of this you can check out this post on Hurtigruten's blog from their expedition ship MS Fram. On the two bottom pictures it almost looks like half of the passengers are returning guests! No doubt, these are people who have thoroughly enjoyed their previous Hurtigruten voyage(s). Hurtigruten appreciates this, and wants to reward customer loyalty. For this the company has the 1893 Ambassador Programme

1893 was the year that a captain by the name Richard With established the ship service linking the north and south of Norway. This important ship route later became known as Hurtigruten.

(Photo: Hurtigruten.)
The programme is called the 1893 Ambassador Programme, because Hurtigruten obviously sees the importance in satisfied guests returning, and telling their friends about their good experience with Hurtigruten. Satisfied guests are good ambassadors for Hurtigruten.

Well, if you're a good ambassador for Hurtigruten, you should be rewarded for it. Everyone who has travelled with Hurtigruten for more than three consecutive nights, can join the 1893 Ambassador Programme. As a member of the programme, you are among other things entitled to discounts on voyages and selected excursions. Read more about the 1893 Ambassador Programme!

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