Guest Service Portal to provide a new passenger experience on Hurtigruten ships

A press release from Lufthansa Systems states that Hurtigruten will be the first customer for the new product Guest Service Portal, which was launched in spring 2012. 

(Picture borrowed from Hurtigruten.)
So what is this product about? The Guest Service Portal will enable passengers to interact with Hurtigruten via their mobile devices, prior to, during and after the voyage. Passengers will be able to book services, make inquiries, watch movies, make dinner reservations and plan their choices of excursions. 

According to the press release this interaction can also take place via television (on the ships) and the ship's digital signs. Information about the ship's facilities and social media page will be highly available. The system will be implemented on all ships, from January 2013.

As any company looking for ways to improve their product and passenger experience, Hurtigruten is working continously to give their guests the best possible voyage, be it on the Norwegian coast, the polar regions or European voyages. The Guest Service Portal will no doubt contribute to a even better Hurtigruten product.

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