Hurtigruten - Focus on sales of shorter trips

This is taken from a press release from Hurtigruten:

Hurtigruten, having lots of guests on roundtrips with their ships, wants to get more attention to their offer of shorter trips to and from the 34 ports that Hurtigruten visits.

Hurtigruten wants to be the coastal populations first choice of transportation and introduces a new pricing structure for the distance travel product. The new day-pricing system is based on three season-related minimum rates for travel, including the cabin. In the increasingly more popular winter season it will be possible to enjoy Arctic adventures on board the Hurtigruten for 740 NOK per day in unspecified cabin. 

Hurtigruten has some 250,000 short trip guests annually. The goal is to increase this by 25 percent. This is one of our most important markets and is the foundation of Hurtigruten's activities since the beginning in 1893. We will be the coast's first choice - whether it is comfortable transportation or if you will indulge in a unique weekend. Now you can get the world's most beautiful voyage including cabin for 740 NOK a day.

Prices per day for winter, fall/spring and summer will be, 740, 880 and 1,250 NOK in unspecified cabin. For guaranteed outside cabin, the price is 790, 980 and 1,550 NOK. For the 10 most popular short routes, the new system will mean a reduction of 30 to 49 percent in prices, depending on the selected sailing - this is with a guaranteed outside cabin. 

(Picture borrowed from Hurtigruten.)

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