Hurtigruten with a new promotional film/commercial!

(Picture borrowed
from Hurtigruten.)
Marketing and communications company Los & Co has developed the new promotional film/commercial for Hurtigruten. Here's what they say about the film:

"The film has several functions: It will position Hurtigruten as the lifeline along the Norwegian coast. In addition, people who live along the coast feel that to travel with Hurtigruten is part of their upbringing. They will choose Hurtigruten rather than travel by air, fast ferries, car or bus.

New price structure:

The film also launches Hurtigruten's new pricing structure; day price. Now, customers feel that it is easier and cheaper to travel with Hurtigruten from port to port."

The film is directed by Hans Petter Moland and the famous norwegian actor Bjørn Sundquist has the lead role. This commercial has a feel that will appeal to most people on the coast, and elsewhere. (Don't understand Norwegian? I think you'll like it anyway.) Check out the new promotional film below!

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