Hurtigruten aiming to increase sales in Finland

According to Reiselivsavisen.no, Hurtigruten is to increase its focus on the Finnish market. Hurtigruten has set up a Finnish website and the company will have sales representatives present in Finland. Following a successful initiative in Sweden, Hurtigruten has turned its attention towards the east.

Anne Ljung Dahl is sales and marketing manager for Hurtigruten in Sweden, Finland and the Baltic States. She will lead the sales team from Sweden, but will have frequent meetings in Finland.

She says: "Just as in Sweden, there is great interest in Finland for Hurtigruten. I'm convinced that we can create the same demand for Hurtigruten as we have done in Sweden."

The Scandinavians reading this blog can check out Reiselivsavisen's article.

(Picture borrowed from Hurtigruten.)

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