Huritgruten's use of the Internet and social media

Hurtigruten has seen the importance of the Internet and social media when it comes to attracting new guests, and making guests come back for more. The company has invested heavily in the use of the Internet as a medium: In the past year Hurtigruten has made a 10-fold increase in internet sales, launched websites in 12 languages​​, started playing with social media and put together a powerful web team.

Hurtigruten has realized that being visible on the internet and understanding how social media engage potential customers is vital for their business. Hurtigruten uses Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media, and employees are blogging eagerly about Hurtigruten's offers and activities. The company has websites in nearly twenty countries. All these channels will give good results for potential customers seeking information about Hurtigruten on the Internet.

On the blog
Hurtigruten Web Team Blog, you can follow the work and ideas behind Hurtigruten's focus on the Internet. Interesting reading, particularly for individuals and businesses who see the potential of the Internet for their business or company.

On the 
MS Fram expedition blog you follow the adventures of Hurtigrutens expedition ship, the MS Fram. This ship sails Spitsbergen, Greenland and Antarctica. Hurtigruten's employees in the U.S. blogs as well, with a mix of information and beautiful photos from all of Hurtigruten's range of experiences. Similarly, we can read the Hurtigruten in France blog. There's also a separate blog for cruise reviews from satisfied customers, giving new customers interesting information.

Hurtigruten has an official YouTube channel, check it out! Of course, the company is also on Facebook.
Finally, Hurtigruten's appealing websites that are easy to navigate in. The subsidiary Spitsbergen travel a has website of similar design.

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