Hurtigruten, or was it Hertegruten? Hurtigrutenus?

Hurtigruten's US blog provides an account of all versions of Hurtigruten's brand name that people search for when they try to find Hurtigruten on the Internet. They may have read the name somewhere, or a friend who has travelled with Hurtigruten has referred to it. But when they try to find Hurtigruten on Google, for example, they often don't get the the name right. When you don't know what words Hurtigruten is composed of, it's not always simple for someone who's not Norwegian to remember the word.

(Pictures borrowed from Hurtigruten.)

Hurtigruten means "the fast route" (Hurtig=fast and ruten=route). You have to remember that when Hurtigruten was established well over hundred years ago, this route along the Norwegian coast actually provided fast transportation of passengers, mail and goods. Nowadays, when compared to for example airline travel, it's not so fast anymore. 

And when you pronounce the name, leave out the "g" - Hurti'ruten. 

Some of the misspellings are funny, at least for a Norwegian :) I have cut out the list from the blog above:

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