Fantastic northern lights!

Last night the northern lights could be seen much farther south in Norway than usual. And the light of the aurora borealis (or artic light as someone calls it) was very intens! As the north of Norway gradually looses daylight, the northern lights are truly a magnificent sight.

(Picture borrowed from Wikipedia.)

If you want to come to Norway and see the northern lights for yourself, Hurtigruten have cruises that will take you to Northern Norway:

"Witness the ghostly wisps of green, yellow, red & violet arcs of the Northern Lights as they fill the inky night sky from the comfort of one of our ships."

Read more about Hurtigrutens cruises to the northern lights.

Now, take a look at the fantastic view that could be seen last night! A photographer by the name Helge Steinar Marø took som great shots. Check out the aurora borealis!

Peter Breivik shot this video over Trondheim. Amazing colors...

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