MS Finnmarken back on the Norwegian coast 16th of February 2012!

Hurtigruten has just released a press statement saying that MS Finnmarken will be back on the Norwegian coast on the 16th of Februrary 2012. The ship has been in Australia for two years, serving as a hotel ship. There will be a stop in Singapore on the way home to Norway, to set the ship back to Hurtigruten standards and colors, and to pick up a Norwegian crew. The MS Finnmarken, along with MS Trollfjord and MS Midnatsol, is Hurtigrutens newest and biggest ship.

The first assignment for the MS Finnmarken is to cover for MS Nordlys which had an accident in September 2011. There's also good news about MS Nordlys; she will be back in traffic on the 20th of March 2012.

(Picture borrowed from Hurtigruten.)

When MS Nordlys is back, the new assignment for MS Finnmarken is to replace the ageing MS Nordstjernen. This will happen on then 22th of March 2012. Although this will mean an increase in capasity for Hurtigruten, it will be a sad farewell to this classic beauty. Maybe Hurtigruten can use her for the Spitsbergen sailings?

From the 3rd until the 24th of January of 2012, Hurtigruten will be a ship short. But from the 25th of the same month the schedule is back on track.

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  1. Finnmarken is not a sistership of Trollfjord and Midnatsol. Finnmarken and the two other ships have diiferent desginer, are bulit at different yards. You can see from the design that the two companies who built tmhe had very different views on have to develop new ships for this service. OVDS went for the traditional, TFDS for the modern. Both turned out good in my opinion. But, sister ships, yes Trollfjord and Midnatsol, but not Finnmarken.

  2. Thanks for your knowledgeable comment! Of course the Finnmarken is not a sistership to the (sisterships) Trollfjord and Midnatsol. Bad research on my part. I have changed the post accordingly.


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